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ERP Readiness Assessment & ERP Comparison

Purosys is often asked by its clients to do an ERP readiness assessment as well as an ERP comparison. These projects evaluate the above points as well as develop the following deliverables:

  • Analysis of current system
  • Education on ERP best practices
  • Future state process definition
  • Business case for change
  • ERP project management and team
  • Project plan
  • Project budget
  • Risk assessment
  • Readiness assessment

ERP Selection Criteria & Requirements Definition

Today’s modern ERP system provides manufacturers the tools necessary to improve business performance. Robust business intelligence, dashboard reporting, mobile access, real-time data access, integrated inventory control, quality, MRP, and other features can help companies work smarter, make informed decisions, and improve business processes.

When carefully selected, an ERP system helps companies succeed and prosper in changing environments, setting them apart from competitors.


ERP system is software module that integrates departmental functions for different third party platforms like Magento, ZendCart, Joomla, VirualMart etc… and provides centralized platform to manage all data. ERP features support dealing with business challenges, such as processing of product orders. Typically, ERP modules address the needs of particular industries, such as energy, manufacturing etc.



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