Cloud Security – Data Access Set

Cloud Security – Data Access Set

  • Data access sets define a set of access privileges to oneor more Ledgers or Ledger Sets.
  • Click Setup and Maintenance.

  • Click the box on the top right corner of the window.
  • Select Manage implementation projects.

  • After clicking the manage implementation projects navigate to FIN Implementation project.

  • Navigate to Financials –> Define common applications configuration for financials –> Define security for financials –> Define Data security for financials –> Manage data Access for users.

  • Click Plus(+) button to create data access for users.
  • Select the User name, Role, security context, Security context value.
  • Then click save and close.

  • Here we can able to see the data access set which is created for a particular user.
  • Click authorize additional data access to download the access in XLSX file.
  • we can open the XLSX file by entering your user login password for security purpose.



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