Cloud Security – Role Creation

Role Creation

In order to create role:
Navigate –>  Tools –> Security Console

  •  Click the Create Role button in the top right corner of the roles screen.
  • Based on type of role, we can search the roles details.

Role Creation – Step:1 (Basic Information)

  • Here we can enter the basic information of the role like Role name, Role code, Role Category and Description.
  • Then click Next.

Role Creation – Step:2 (Function Security Policies)

  • Function security Policies: A function security policy consists of privileges assigned to duty roles and those duty roles assigned to a job or abstract role. Function security policies are defined in the Authorization Policy Manager (APM).
  •  Click Add Privilege to Role button  a Add Privilege to Role then click Next.

Role Creation – Step:3 (Data Security Policies)

  • Data Security Policies: Defines the conditions under which access to data is granted to a role.
  • Click Create Data security policy –> here we can attach policies to the role.

Role Creation – Step:3 (Data Security Policies)

  •  Here we can enter the Policy name, Database Resource etc..,
  • Then click Ok.

Role Creation – Step:4 (Role Hierarchy)

  • Navigate to Role Hierarchy –> click Add Role button.
  •  And also can add child role.

  • If we are creating a Duty role, you can add duty roles or aggregate privileges to it.
  • If we are creating a job or abstract role, you can add aggregate privileges, duty roles, or other job or abstract roles to it.
  • You can select the Particular role and click Add to role membership.

Role Creation – step:5 (Users)

  • We can select users to whom you want to assign a job or abstract role you are creating.
  •  We cannot assign a duty role directly to users.
  •  Click Add user.
  •  In Search field, select the value Users or types of role in any combination. In a field immediately to the right, enter at least three characters. The search returns values including items of the type you selected, whose names contain the characters you entered.
  •  Select a user or role. If you select a user, click Add User to Role. If you select a role, click Add Selected Users; this adds all its assigned users to the role you are creating.

Role Creation – step:6 (Summary & Impact Report)

  • Summary listings show the numbers of function security policies, data security policies, roles, and users you have added and removed.

Role Creation – Copy Role

  • We can copy a role, then edit the copy to create a new role.
  •  Search a role which you need to edit or copy then click down arrow in the search result.
  •  You can select any one of the method to copy the role.

  • Here we can rename the copied role and create a new role with same privilege and security policies.

Role Creation – Graph Visualization

  • Can select the Radial or Layers view.
  • Can zoom in or out of the image.
  • If the image is smaller, symbols replace the names: U for user, R for role, S for predefined role, P for privilege, and A for Aggregate privilege.

  • can zoom in or out of the image
  • Here also we can Add / Edit / Delete privilege and roles.





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