Don’t Try This With Your Life !!!

  1. Never ignore parents for others. Parents come first.
  2. Never try borrowing money.
  3. Never let anyone control your life. Be independent. Be yourself.
  4. Never avoid your health.
  5. Never speak if not needed. Speak only if it adds value to the conversation.
  6. Never ignore your family or friends because of your work.
  7. Never spend more than you earn.
  8. Never be too judgmental.
  9. Never forget those who have helped you in times of hardship.
  10. Never say Never.
  11. Never ever say:-”I quit”.
  12. Never be materialistic.
  13. Never deny a fact.
  14. Never get into an argument with rational people.
  15. Never deny taking a risk to do something new.
  16. Never deny being grateful and thankful for what you have.

PS:- Thanks to Heli Patel from Quora to Share this.

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