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AACG 8.6.3 – Creating Access Controls :-

Creating Access Controls :-

Because every control is based on a model and Every Model is based on Entitlements, ensure that at least one access model exists before you attempt to create an access control. You may convert any number of access models into controls at once.

Important note to remember is while creating a access model’s processing logic, names, and descriptions remain distinct, but other values are the same for all the controls you create at once.

In Short to create a Access Control do make sure you have Access Models and Entitlements.

Creation of Access Entitlements :-

  1. From the Navigation Panel click on the “Navigator”> then click on “Control Management” from the Drop Down list >then Click on Manage Access Entitlement”

  1. To add a new entitlement click on the “Actions” button and then select “Add”.

3. A new line will appear. Double click each field to begin data input. (Note: The column headers with the asterisk * are required fields)

4. Begin filling in the fields.

5. Next, “Access Points” are to be added into the entitlement being defined. Click on the “Access Points*” button as shown below:

6. Once the “Access Points*” button is clicked, the following box will appear:

7. Select applicable functions, Drag and Drop the functions that correlate to the entitlement being created into the box below the “Access Points*” button as shown below:

8. Once the required fields are inputted and all the required “Access Points” are present in the box, click on the “Save” button to save the new entitlement into the system.

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