How to Reset User Password in 8.6.5 and Above:-

How to Reset User Password in 8.6.5 and Above:-

Business Case:-

Customer forgot password for admin during installation. He has already changed it from the original ‘admin’.Customer has already tried running java –jar grcc-utility-8.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar as mentioned in the GRCC 8.5 installation guide in section 5-1 titled ‘Resetting the Admin Password’, but it has thrown a java class error.


Run following in GRCC schema :
1). Take Backup of GRCC_USER Table or complete GRCC schema backup
2) For the queries below, if version is 8.2, substitute LAA_AG_USER for GRCC_USER, and substitute LAA_AG_USER_PASSWORD_H for GRCC_USER_PASSWORD_H.
“select h.password,updated_date,length(h.password)lgth from GRCC_USER_PASSWORD_H H,
where = ‘admin’
and = h.user_id
order by updated_date asc “

Result will be something similar to :

PASSWORD UPDATED_DATE LGTH 1bf17d11a25e4eba 12/7/2009 8:53:48 AM 16
64a22990f3adb5c9857a9bfa115ad2ad 12/7/2009 8:59:26 AM 32

3) Run the following statement, using the oldest password from query #1. This should be ‘admin’. The length will be the shortest at 16 bytes. Note : these values are just as examples.

set password = ‘1bf17d11a25e4eba’
where name = ‘admin’;

4) Sign in to GRCC as admin/admin.
5) If the above password does not work, use the latest password from grcc_user_password_h.
6) If the password works but you get a message on logon saying the password has expired as it was not changed for the last ’90’ says and needs to be changed but change password screen does not show up, follow these steps.

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