PCG : Preventive Controls Governor

PCG : Preventive Controls Governor

PCG 7.3.3: PCG SQL Rule Remote Compilation Fails

Applies to:-

Oracle Preventive Controls Governor – Version 7.3 and later Information in this document applies to EBS 12.2.4 platform only.


On Preventative Controls Governor (PCG) version 7.3.3:

Form Rules is a module of PCG application. In the Form Rules module, one of the functionality is to apply SQL rules to Oracle Business Suite forms and this functionality is currently not working. When compiling SQL rules the program ends with the following error:Other functionality of the Form Rules module is working as expected.


Error seen on the log file:

LAGENLIB: Number of entries found in laconfig : 0

LAGENLIB: Compiling the library on this concurrent manager’s appl top

/ucln01/afinprd/apps/apps_st/appl/xxlaapps/12.0.0/bin/LAFORMSGEN.prog[2]: %s_tools_home_file%: not found.

LAGENLIB: Library compilation failed

LAGENLIB: Please verify your Remote compilation configuration

LAGENLIB: Quitting with error…


Program exited with status 1


LAFORMSGEN.prog file under $XXLAAPPS_TOP/bin is pointing to incorrect environment file.As you’re aware in EBS12.2.4 there are couple of file systems namely

1) Patch 2) Run

To Implement the Solution.Please execute the Following Steps:-

  1. Login to Form server.





  1. Comment following line:


Add following as first line in file:

. <Output_from_step2>



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