Significance of Email Marketing for an E-Commerce Business

Although the ecommerce industry is upgrading itself using some of the latest growth trends, email marketing is one practice which has been continuing for years. Some people might think that emails are no more effective but the reality is email marketing shall remain one of the best practices to reach out to prospective clients over many more years to come. 

Email marketing is a major opportunity to convert potential clients into buyers.  Emails can be sent to clients who have been inactive for a while, or even to simply inform the existing customers about an upcoming sale or attractive deals. It is an inexpensive way of reaching out to the public and an easy way of gaining an impressive ROI. In this blog, we will see the possible reasons for why email marketing is still an important part for any e-commerce business.

1. Reach out to your existing customers

Just as mentioned earlier, email marketing can be used to reach out to all your existing customers just to say hello, or to offer them some irresistible deals, or to remind them that you still exist. Email marketing can efficiently help in re-activating the clients who have not made any purchase for some time. It may be possible that your customer may have forgotten about you or may have simply ignored your previous newsletter. A short email can work wonders in bringing them back into action.

2. Convert customers from segments

Creating segments based on geography or the type of purchase can be helpful. This allows you to define the preferences of your customers and then send them emails accordingly. This way the customer tends to read your emails as it offers something useful to him or her. Segmentation can certainly boost customer engagement. Some email examples specific to segmentation are, retention emails, birthday emails, customer survey emails, and so on. If done right, email marketing through segmentation can convert people into customers. 

3. Recognition to loyal customers

Retaining your existing customers is as important as finding new ones. One way to keep your customers coming back to you is to reward them from time to time. You can reward them through emails by sending them discount vouchers, or reward points that are redeemable, or so on. However, ensure that your rewards and reward patterns are not predictable as they might lose their impact over the time and customers may not find it useful. 

4. Brand management

Email marketing can be used as an effective tool to manage your brand reputation. Reach out to your customers periodically encouraging them to post a review about your products or services. This will increase your brand value in the market and also help you improve upon the areas that lack customer satisfaction. Getting reviews from real people will help you pitch for newer customers as well. 

5. E-commerce sales

Last but not the least; email marketing is useful to boost your product sales. Get in touch with your customers regarding their orders, send thank you notes, and ask for product reviews, and more. If done the right way, this will keep your customers happy and make them come back to you for their requirements. This will also help in mouth publicity and your customers will eventually market for you. 

Email marketing proves to be more effective than social media marketing, as it helps you to reach out to your customers on a personal level. If the customer feels that you as a business are taking efforts to fulfill his or her needs, then half of your work is already done. If email marketing is what excites you, get started by creating short but powerful content for your customers. Purosys understands the challenges that a business owner can face while creating the presence in the e-commerce industry. We strive to help you gain sustainable profits over the long run. To know more about our e-commerce solutions, visit


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